Saturday, November 8, 2008

Postage Stamp Quilt

I started this quilt after going to my first quilt show. I just had to make a quilt! This is made up of 2,989 squares 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" each. This was made before the rotary cutter was introduced. Each square was traced around a cardboard template and cut out with a scissors, the old fashioned way! Machine pieced, hand quiled.

Pineapple Antique

Designed by Barb Carroll. 23" x 43". Hooked with a #8 cut. Barb's website is

1930's Baskets

1930's reproduction fabrics. Made in 2004. Machine pieced and blanket stitched. Machine quilted by Bonnie Bosma. I made this quilt to go in the same room as the Aunt Gracies quilt. Sort of a 1930's theme for the guest room.

Aunt Gracies Quilt

This quilt was made in 1998. Machine pieced and hand appliqued. Machine quilted. All from the Aunt Gracies line of 1930's reprouction fabrics.

Sugar Maple

Fall Colors
A dirt road in Wisconsin lined with Maple Trees.

Our Sugar Maple Tree. It just gets brighter every year!

Pumpkin Vines

This is a design by Emma Lou Lais. This was from one of many workshops with Emma Lou. 27" x 61". Hooked with a #8 cut in 2002.
You can find the pattern for this rug at