Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Show Me" Rug Show at Parkville Missouri

Rugs pictures from the Show Me rug show in Parkville MO.

Three of these are my designs, not the Santa...I think he's beautiful and I have no idea who's design it is.

Three more of mine, not the patriotic horse but I think it's a pretty fun rug.

An assortment of rugs...

I love this squirrel, again, no designers name. I would like to hook this pattern if I can find it. I like how she finished it with the braided border.

At the top is Karen's bell pull...sideways. It's beautiful! This photo does not do it justice.
Below it is my Snow design and hooked by Helen. She made a few minor changes in the design.

And my favorite for last...Mama Longhorn hooked by Victoria Ingalls. My picture does not do this justice either, you wouldn't believe how 'real' this looks...just amazing!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pictures of Rug Camp

Finally, more pictures of Show Me rug camp in Parkville, MO.
We were so busy all the time and I kick myself for not taking more pictures...this is all I have of people! But I do have a few from the rug show and I'll post them next time.
This was where our workshop was and to the right is where we were fed like royalty! The food was the BEST! We laughed that all we did for 5 days was hook and eat!

Judy and her second camp rug. Again I kick myself for not snapping a picture of her beautiful shaded yellow rose. She got so far on that one so she decided to hook my sunflower runner.

I love what she has done so far.

Me on a very bad hair time for fussing with hair! I do have long hair but it's all behind my head. Not sure this picture will stay time I look at my blog I'll probably remove it!

Karen, of course I didn't have her show her rug and it was a beautiful shaded crewel piece.

Victoria during show and tell with a very pretty rug called Terrier at the Gate by Laura Schulze.

This Santa is a gorgeous rug! I think it may have been from a greeting card.

And at the end the teachers got together so we could take their pictures. Kaye is in the purple, she coordinated the camp. Victoria, Kathy, Jenny and Nancy (my teacher) is seated in front.

We really had a great time! I think it was the most fun I've had at a rug workshop!
The next workshop that I'm already signed up for will take place in Colorado next June with Victoria and I'm already counting the days and I know what my pattern will be.