Friday, January 22, 2010

Mystery Block of the Month Hooked Rug

I've been a little lazy at posting the recent blocks for our rug. The flower block above the bluebird was the November block and the basket at the far left is the current January block. We skipped the busy month of December. I think Karen of The Wool Basket in Colorado has done a beautiful job of color planning this rug.

Karen hooked this rug. I have not seen it in real life but she had her anniversary sale a few weekends ago and the rug was on display. Some people had been following it on her website and saw it for the first time in the shop. Several more signed up, it's been a great hit and so much fun. I'm trying to hook it too using her kits but so far I'm only on the bluebird (the second block).

We're beginning a Mystery Wool Quilt Block of the Month February 1st. I've been stitching up a storm getting the blocks all ready. It will be another kit that will be available through Karen at the above link.