Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Here's Wildwood finished.
After not working on it for a few years, when I came back to it, my taste had changed. I took out the pinkish and blue colors, kept the yellow and added the deep red. I'm still not completely happy with it, I think it's because I'm partial to dark backgrounds and I was forcing myself to use light for a change plus the light background wool had a pinkish tinge to it thus why I went with pink in the beginning. The rest of that pinkish tinged wool will soon be overdyed!
Well, I did learn something, stay with dark backgrounds for my own rugs!

Wildwood is not on Spruce Ridge Studios website yet but Kris will draw any of my designs whether they are on her website or not so please don't hesitate to ask either myself or Kris. 

And since I was determined to see if I would like this design with a dark background and I did not want to hook the same rug again, I hooked a footstool. This is using a template by Cindi Gay it is one of her online courses called Ikea footstool. I hooked her Wonky House footstool and then continued with more. This is my fourth footstool, not finished yet.
I do like the dark background better!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Please check out Kris at Spruce Ridge Studios
She has begun adding my patterns on her website.
I'll add a link here and once you get to her site you can either click on the drop down menu and then click on Cabin Creek Designs or click on "Patterns" and scroll to the bottom where you will see a photo of yours truly and a link to my patterns.
If you are wondering about how Kris draws her patterns, she does it exactly the same way I do. They are hand drawn with an ample 4" extra all around and straight on the grain.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

I am so excited to announce that Spruce Ridge Studios will be offering my rug hooking patterns!

This is still a work in progress so you must be patient! 
I will announce when everything is up and ready.

Thank you!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

White Pumpkins

I am back at it! I finally have a computer that I can use online to post again and I'm going to do my best to get back to blogging starting with Cabin Creek first!
I'm still semi retired from drawing patterns but I will still draw something if you need one. Mainly on monks cloth. The Dorr Mill Store carries some of my patterns. I travel often so sometimes I am on the road but most of the time I haul along at least my wool applique patterns. I still have the Etsy shop and if it's on vacation I'm probably on the road for a few days.
Next thing here is I'm not going to post just my designs that I've hooked or stitched. I want to hook and stitch other designers patterns and I've been hitting it pretty hard this year. It all started with a hooked footstool and The Wild West Rug Hookers in Cody Wyoming!
Everyone in the group was going to make a footstool, I've been out of the loop for so long I was wondering...what? So I looked online for a pattern and the one that immediately caught my eye was Wonky House by Cindi Gay. I won't go into that right now but I will post pictures next of my footstools, yes footstool'S... more than one!!! I still need to take the pictures.
Anyway, that got me fired up and starting on Christmas Eve day last year (2016) I started hooking again, the Wonky House footstool. Since then I have finished 3 projects that I started 15 years or more ago plus I hooked from start to finish 8 more. Some decent sized and some rather small like an outhouse for example. That's 11 hooked projects since last Christmas and this year is not over yet! More on that at a later time.
So here goes, the larger pillow in the middle is not my design. It is by Grant Street Woolworks and I believe she is only on Facebook. She intended it to be a hanging bag but of course I had to put my own twist on it and turn it into a pillow.
The other two are my designs. I made both the rectangle wool applique pillow and the small hooked mat with the 4 pumpkins for the old Create & Decorate magazine when it was still around.

The above pillow has bittersweet berries made out of wool roving and wet felted into little balls, I believe there are 58 little balls I made. The yellow part of the bittersweet is just a 1/2" wide short strip of wool hooked in first, like proddy, and then I trimmed the corners to make them rounded. Very easy.

I'm actually hooking again and stitching!!! As much as I have enjoyed having a pattern business it got to the point where I never had time to hook or stitch, AT ALL!!! I seriously needed to step away, I need to be creative or I get crabby and I was no longer creative, just nothing. Now my head is always spinning with new ideas and it's been so much fun!

Take care and I'll post again soon!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Wildwood part 2

Hurray! I'm back at it! It's been 3 1/2 years since I worked on this rug! 
I thank all of you for all of your orders and the last 3 years have been busier than ever but it's time for me to cut back and get back to what I haven't been doing.

I was a little lost on this rug, I loved almost all of the colors but the blue just wasn't working for me. There are small 'padula' flowers scattered all around and I kept thinking they needed to be a light color so that they wouldn't pop and detract from the other flowers.
Finally I spotted a beautiful dark sort of raspberry wool in my stash, it has a few gold threads running through it, gave it a try and that did it. It's dark but it works! 
You just never know until you try!
I reworked some of the large gold flowers too and added a little 'life' to them by adding a colorful check that had a touch of light turquoise in the middle of each petal.

You can see the dark padula flowers at the bottom on this picture, (not a very good picture) and further down my blog you can see it with the blue flowers. The blue just didn't have the feel I was trying to achieve. I wanted warm colors, golds, warm greens, pinkish shades.
I'm on a roll now!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Autumn Oaks Table Topper

I've been absent here for so long. So many things going on and never enough time...does anyone else out there feel like time flies so fast as we get older?
I thought when I hit 50 (and I'm past that) that I would have all sorts of time to do all of this fun stuff.

I finished this 'leafy' table mat a few weeks ago.
I used national NonWovens WoolFelt for this pattern because I wanted to stitch only the veins in the leaves and give it more of a dimensional look.

Felted woven wool would work just as well except that I would want to stitch down all the edges.

I use this as a centerpiece in the middle of my dining room round table and then set a bowl of fall mums in the middle.

My next wool applique pattern has lots and lots of snowmen, hopefully I'll have that finished before the snow falls, stays around a while and then melts...ya think? 

I've been cutting out hats and scarves and snowmen all afternoon.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

No Snowmen Here!

I have been a very bad blogger for a long time.
There has been just a ton of changes going on for almost all of 2012 and already this year.
After my dad passed way we had the estate business to deal with (which took months), then we spent a good part of the summer getting the Wyoming 'bunkhouse' started. The exterior is finished, next summer we will work on the interior.
I feel very fortunate to be staying in Tucson, Arizona for a few months soaking in the sunshine...I already feel better, the old aches and pains are slowly going away! 
(Especially when it's below zero in Minnesota right now, how can that be! It was 79 and sunny here today)

There is a hook-in this Saturday in Tucson hosted by The Old Pueblo Rug Hookers.
I plan to bring my Wildwood rug, hook and make new friends.
I must not forget my camera, I hope to get some great pictures and post about it. 

No snowmen here!
But I did wake up to a very light little dusting of snow on Jan.11!