Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Basket of Daisies

I started on a small mat yesterday just for fun.
I wanted to hook something that I could finish in less than a week and I've been in the mood for flowers!

Maybe it's the long dull winter that has me wishing for spring so I've been drawing up new patterns with design is a huge dragonfly (with a few flowers).

Here's part of the design and the wool that I have used.

The orange strips are not quite that orange, more of a rust shade.
I used the off white for the flower petals, the green for leaves and a solid and dyed green as stems (not shown here).
The pretty camel is the basket and the dark blue was a hand dyed.
Everything but the background is hooked using a #5 cut so that I can get a little more detail.
The background and border will all be done with a #6 cut.

I haven't quite decided on the border color yet but I'll post it when I'm finished...I hope in a couple of days. Since I took the pictures earlier today, I've finished hooking the flowers, the background around the flowers and the basket.

Thanks for stopping!