Yes you can still order my patterns! Here's the info...
I decided several years ago that I would retire in 2016 but I just can't do it! But I am going to semi-retire so I have closed down my website and hopefully those of you who were not on my mailing list and came back to order a pattern, found my website was gone and googled Cabin Creek might find my blog!
I am listing patterns on Etsy, not everything but if you remember something you put off buying just contact me and I'll still draw it for you. I am currently only drawing on monks cloth.
The Dorr Mill store also carries some of my patterns.
How to find my patterns...
At the side bar on this blog you will see thumbnails of my Etsy shop, you can click on that.
Or search online for The Dorr Mill Store and click on patterns and then click on Cabin Creek Designs (they still have some of mine on linen!)
Or email me at
I'm also on Facebook, just search Cabin Creek
I accept checks or PayPal.
Thanks for understanding, I just dragged out my hooking project that I haven't touched since January 2013, I miss it and need to get back to what started me on this pattern business journey. (And maybe I'll get back to posting on this blog!!!)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shaded Iris

I found this a few days ago at a tag sale. It's completely hooked, just needs to be finished. I thought it was a pretty good deal, I only paid $24.00 for it. All of that work into this and what a shame that it's not finished. I'll eventually whip the edges with wool yarn. I have no idea how it was intended to be used but it needs to be finished. If you click on the image you can really get a detailed view. Written on the sides is designed by Pearl McGowan and 1952. It's 18" across.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I guess he doesn't know it's open season right now! He hangs around here all day. He's out there gobbling as I post this. He sees his reflection in the window and thinks it's competition!