Friday, February 18, 2011

Garden Rabbit

Will we ever see Spring???
It still feels like winter living in Minnesota, while most of the country is starting to feel warmer temperatures, more snow is coming for us.
It helps the cabin fever a little by starting a new hooked rug with colorful wools and a Springtime look.

This is my Garden Rabbit design, originally much larger but after a shop requested a smaller version, I liked this smaller size so well that I drew a pattern for myself and started hooking.

I wanted a gray or white rabbit so I settled on light gray, I thought pink and greens and a warm yellow background would be colorful. I have this darker gold wool I'd like to use up and it seems to be working so far.

I think I'll need to use a slightly lighter green for the stems and leaves, what I have so far may not show up well in that deep gold.

The wools used so far.,
to be continued....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fall Runner and Proddy Flowers

The latest on the Fall Runner block of the month.
Karen made proddy flowers! I like it! It is so easy to do and you don't need a special proddy tool to to this. I did buy one years ago and all it does is pinch your fingers, no matter how careful you are. A thick shanked hooked will work just fine.
I like how it's coming along.

There is still time to join in, the basket of flowers is in the middle of the rug. There is still the left side to do with 3 mystery blocks remaining.