Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Floral Runner's Gold Flowers

Here's another look at the my rug and the wools I'm using.
There are 2 flowers like this in the rug and I'm hooking both identical.

The color of my pictures is giving me a hard time so I'm not sure how true this will be but we'll give it a try anyway....we shall see what happens!

The wools used. The orangy wool is the outline of the flower petals, the yellow/gold was used for the petals, the gold is the outline of the flower center (one row) and the brown is the flower center.

The bud on the left is the same wool as the rust flower.

This is the background although I don't think it photographed well. It is black and a very dark green hounds tooth and makes up into a beautiful background.

I have the rug almost finished and I'll post pictures again...soon!