Friday, November 27, 2009

Punch Needle Doily

Well, I'm not real sure what to call this but it's pretty. I found this on Etsy and couldn't resist buying it. It's old but I don't know how old, it is hand made using a punch needle tool and a nice thread with a sheen to it, not stranded embroidery floss. The lavender flowers have faded on the front. It has a wonderful feel. It measures 12" x 9". If anyone has an info please leave a comment. Please click on image for a close up view.


Connie said...

I do not have any comments to contribute about your 'find', but what a treasure!

Crissabit said...

I am thinking this is likely circa. 1920-1940's, could it be pearl cotton? (thinking of fibers available that time period) Have never seen such a beautiful piece in that size as I do dollhouse rugs, and one tends to have tunnel vision toward what they love. C

Faye said...

Hi Crissabit,

Thanks for the date and that seems to sound right. In case you come back here again, the thread appears to have a little sheen to it and it seems to have many fine ply's. Where there is a loose end it's sort of fuzzy. I don't know my threads every well other than cotton, wool and linen and it's neither of those. Thanks for the help!