Thursday, June 30, 2016

Wildwood part 2

Hurray! I'm back at it! It's been 3 1/2 years since I worked on this rug! 
I thank all of you for all of your orders and the last 3 years have been busier than ever but it's time for me to cut back and get back to what I haven't been doing.

I was a little lost on this rug, I loved almost all of the colors but the blue just wasn't working for me. There are small 'padula' flowers scattered all around and I kept thinking they needed to be a light color so that they wouldn't pop and detract from the other flowers.
Finally I spotted a beautiful dark sort of raspberry wool in my stash, it has a few gold threads running through it, gave it a try and that did it. It's dark but it works! 
You just never know until you try!
I reworked some of the large gold flowers too and added a little 'life' to them by adding a colorful check that had a touch of light turquoise in the middle of each petal.

You can see the dark padula flowers at the bottom on this picture, (not a very good picture) and further down my blog you can see it with the blue flowers. The blue just didn't have the feel I was trying to achieve. I wanted warm colors, golds, warm greens, pinkish shades.
I'm on a roll now!