Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Show Me" Rug Show at Parkville Missouri

Rugs pictures from the Show Me rug show in Parkville MO.

Three of these are my designs, not the Santa...I think he's beautiful and I have no idea who's design it is.

Three more of mine, not the patriotic horse but I think it's a pretty fun rug.

An assortment of rugs...

I love this squirrel, again, no designers name. I would like to hook this pattern if I can find it. I like how she finished it with the braided border.

At the top is Karen's bell pull...sideways. It's beautiful! This photo does not do it justice.
Below it is my Snow design and hooked by Helen. She made a few minor changes in the design.

And my favorite for last...Mama Longhorn hooked by Victoria Ingalls. My picture does not do this justice either, you wouldn't believe how 'real' this looks...just amazing!


Connie said...

I am so impressed. I certainly love the colors and the beautiful designs. My hats off to you and your friends!

Sandi said...

geez, faye!
i didn't even know that Parkville had a rug show or a rug shop...i'm only 1/2 hour from there...

maryellenscrafts said...

I like the snowmen in the 2nd picture. The cattle look so lifelike!! WOW!!!!