Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Warm and Cozy

This is a pattern purchased from Barb Carroll of The Woolly Fox. A design by Carol Endres. I hooked this rug at a workshop in Arrow Rock MO with Barb Carroll October 2001. I love this rug. It's actually of 3 of my cats that are no longer here. Smokey is on the left and Luke is on the right. 2 male cats that couldn't behave while outside, looking out the window. I added the small cat to the left of Smokey. That's Gizmo, their mother. She was a very good cat and was allowed outside to play! The pattern is available at


Sandi said...

I love this rug, love the kitties!

Sandi said...

I love this rug, the kitties are so cute!

Faye said...

Thanks Sandi!