Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wildwood continued...

Can anyone tell me where the days...weeks...months go!!!
It goes so fast!

I was planning to post this rug more often but life got in the way.
My dad's health went downhill and he passed away at age 98. I left the rug sit for a few months and am just finally getting back to it again.

I'm using the 3 shades of sort of a pinky red for the 2 different style flowers. The gold is the center of the 5 petal flowers. I'm still not too fond of the color I used for the centers of the other red flowers...need to experiment with that and also some of the leaf veins are not quite right.

I had a hard time deciding on what color to make the small flowers (the blue ones). I didn't really want to bring blue into the rug. I liked the pinky reds, the yellow golds, greens and the tan background but several people kept telling me "add blue"!

I did and it's okay...I guess... I'll hook more of it and see how it goes.
Funny thing, I bought a floral fabric to recover a few pieces of furniture in the living room. 
When I brought it home, to my surprise, it has the exact same colors on a tan background and it has this shade of blue flowers in it! Guess that pretty much made me realize blue will work!

I'm going to try to keep at it because I just love how it's turning out. This is my favorite rug hooking project so far.

Thanks for stopping!


Connie said...

I think it is turning out beautiful and I do love the colors. I would not change a thing.

Kathy A Delightsome Life said...

Your rug is going to be amazing - I am in awe of your talent! I am sorry to hear about your father - having had my dad pass away several years back I remember there's a lot to take care of - so glad to have found you and am happy to be your newest follower,

Rebecca said...

Your rug is going to be MORE than fabulous. Oh my gosh...just gorgeous!


Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hi Faye,

thanks for stopping by, and for commenting on my mystery plant. LOL I will look it up, and post any changes. The stem is huge! Makes me wonder, how big is this thing going to get. Your rug is gorgeous! a lot of work, but will look beautiful when done! Sorry to hear about your dad. He had a nice long life!


Karen Andreola said...

Seeing this hooking of flowers has lifted my spirits. It is one of the prettiest rugs I've seen. I will be using similar colors on the "posey chair pad" pattern that I purchased at Little Pines in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
I looked up your website address on the tag and clicked "blog".
My cream painted Windsor awaits its new pad. Can't wait to get started.

Cori G. said...

Oh my goodness you do such beautiful work!!! I was going to take a hooking class once, taught by an old Pastor of all people, but every time I asked him how much it would cost to start, he just couldn't give me a straight answer...so I gave up "-(. Maybe you could give me a clue.
I stopped by to say thanks for visiting my blog and posting a comment. I feel like I've neglected it so much that no one stops by any more so when I found your email I was pleasantly surprised. Oh, and if you stay in those little wigwams let me know how it was.
xoxo Cori