Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pumpkin Wool Applique

I've been way too busy lately! Between summer vacations, rug camp and filling orders, my poor blog has been neglected. On top of that I got the bright idea to start a new blog called Wild Rose Vintage which has been so much fun. On that blog I've been posting pictures of all sorts of vintage things.

This is my latest design in the Holiday issue of Create & Decorate magazine. Soon kits will be available on my website. I have all of the wool, I just need to make up kits and decide on a price. This is a small piece and easy to whip up in a few hours.

I just came back from a wonderful rug hooking workshop. I was at Show Me in Parkville Missouri with Nancy Blood as my teacher. What a beautiful setting and the food was the best! I had a wonderful time and I have a few pictures and more to write about soon as I find time to unload my camera!

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